Thursday, September 23, 2010

Erika's Kanciong Mode

first of all, kanciong is a chinese word. its a behavior that u will face when u'r nervous.

English class today went well. she's in a good mood and we all love her. ahaaa. after lunch i did my work which is editting. editing the instruction manual for our project which is the Electric Car Jack
ECJ the mighty
ahaha. im the editor in my group so i have to edit all the members part in the manual. its not something that i whined for but its something that i want to do. its my own will because its a group assignment. and i think i better be the editor if there's no one to be the editor. ahaaa. anyway, i like to edit. the end. 

i have to retype Fitri's part, Chapter 3, in my Word. i typed for an hour. then went to take an hour nap. woke up at 5pm and continues editing. then my lappy went LOCO. i was closing my Chapter 2 word window then it doesnt really closed properly because the window is still on my bloody screen. the only difference is that its blank. so i dont know its Chapter 2 or which word document it was. once i pressed 'X' on the top right. it asked to save or not to save.
i pressed NO
the bloody two alphabet which starts with N and ends with O
then my Chapter 3 gone. follow the bloody didnt-closed-properly-word-window. STUPID HELL WORD. hishhh! i didnt save my chapter 3 yet so it went away just like that. dammit to the heck to the eff to the....

thats when i went kanciong. ahaha. i started to act crazy. i cancelled my plan to have dinner with Sweets and told him what happened. coincidently, he was waiting at the cafe to send my quilt cover and bedsheet.
he called 3 times
i ignored just to retype AGAIN my chapter 3. its doesnt took a long time pun. huishhh~ im the one who is kanciong and thinks the world will die tomorrow. bloody kanciong. after finish typing in a very super dooper speed, i called Sweets to like...u know...take back my have dinner together. then when he answered he sounds so tired and kinda mad so i changed my predetermined reason of calling. and said he can send the quilt cover and sheet tomorrow. and i told him i want to skip my dinner.

waaaaaaa...i feel so bad. *sobs* due to my ego i went LaLa. and ended up eating a effing maggi instead of a proper dinner. but i have tea. heee
*just to make me feel better*
i should remember this and never repeat it. my friend said 'a slip in tongue is not fault of the mind'. thank u sze meng. 

Resident E

i was supposed to have Maths class after M'sian Studies but the TTO cancelled the class last minute.
*she likes to do that*
 finally i able to watch resident evil; After Life. that movie is a one eff up movie. too many irrational and fictitious moves that a human being can do. aha! and too many guns, sadly no roses
*referring to guns & roses. LOL*

i have hilarious story to share. once arrived in OU, i went to the ladies. and chose the sitting toilet. a pipe was attached to the bowl, so i was like checking the pipe. to make sure there's water coming out. thank god i was standing aside. when i turn the knob 

of water
went through my right LUCKILY and hits the door..i was like
what the bloody hell just happen
AHAHAHHAAH. thank god im not wet. not even a drop hits me. but i felt a bit like Matrix to able to dodge or move my shoulder a little to avoid being wet. 

cool. coolio. kewl. tomorrow maths also cancel. arent i supposed to be happy? so i dont have to wake up early tomorrow. but but. finals is next week.