Monday, September 20, 2010

After Raya Hols

in the train yesterday, i met a very friendly Indian girl. she's under JPA's scholarship and studying in sunway. we did talk quite a lot in the train. it was bloody hot in the train because of the aircond failure. stupid coach. thankgod i did sweat like hell.

me: i want to eat laksa laa
sweets: what laksa?
me: penang laksa laaa.

he almost bring me to sunway pyramid and KLIA! lol. but he didnt. i wont even allow that to happen because its too far away. at last, we went to Alamanda food court to eat moi LAKSA! thank god penang laksa exists in the food court.. he ate curry mee. he loves curry mee. nice. lol. my dad loves curry mee too.

i arrived early in my collio. surprisingly, i didnt spend like an hour to tidy up my room. waw~ i think i know why, before i left my room i took off my bedsheet. thats why i didnt spend hours to clean up my room yesterday.phewh~ 

this morning, i thought my class will starts at 845am. at 730am, Mufidah called me and update me that class is at 745am. its not my fault to be late to class. its just that wrong information given to me. bwahahha. arrived at 815am, Sir Sam didnt scold me or get mad. so im good. ahaaa

had my brunch and was early to evening legs are tired because stands too long during in the evening class.
besides,i just had my dinner right now.i asked Sweetness to send my comfort quilt cover and bedsheet to the dobi.