Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello Hell

my Raya holiday is coming to an end.warghh~ its going to be hard to get used to the usual collio's schedule
collio = college
its been 2weeks in my house where i am accompany with my lovely family. tomorrow, this will end. thank god, its not FOREVER
*of coz its not; talking to myself*
so i have finished packing my stuffs. well, i guess so. except for Munchkin Jr. ahaaaaa.. i cant sleep well without her. so i better not forget about her tomorrow. oh, and 'browny' too. lol. someone's jacks.
jacks = jacket

my parents is going to kL too tomorrow but they are going a wee too late for me. i need to arrive early in my collio because i have to tidy up my room that has been unoccupied for 2 bloody weeks. its going to be super effing dusty. hence i will be taking the train to kL sentral and Sweetness is going to pick me up there and send me to my collio.

my sisters and i opened up 2 hampers just now. they gave me quite a lot of stuffs to bring back to collio. besides that, i got a new handphone. LOL. well its not super brand new, just my Cheche Amy's nokia slide. my second line hp. what else is new?
*thinks hard*
well, i didnt change my hairstyle. i almost did! hehe. someone almost changed my mind but i wanted to try new things. i wanted my hair to be long.

OH~ i love my lunch today. lol. its Mamak's. i ate economy rice, special fried chicken and long beans without any curry. i prefer to eat my rice without curry because mamak's curry is just 'too much to handle' for me. ahahah. i was planning to eat Instant Noodles till Adriene get mad and asked me to put on weight a little by eating rice. ahaaa~

my dad is going for a mission. in Lebanon. its United Nations Mission. for a year. thank god he will be working at the base so we dont have to worry so much but still scared for his safety. well, anything can happen. all we can do is pray hard for his safety. :))

i need to rest. my whole body is in agony. i feel like i've been beaten up so badly on my hands. both of my hands. its like i did 50 pumping. darn it. so long earthlings.