Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Out

went to Jusco today to watch Resident Evil at 1.30pm. we bought the tickets yesterday, well to be exact, Uncle Kumar bought it. we askd him to buy it. all together 6tickets. its for Cheche Amy, Allie, Me, Adriene, Aizul and Aizul's bro. the ticks are so bloody cheap, rm7 per ticks. 

we arrived early so we went to shop. Allie bought a very cute dress,turquoise in color. me and adriene bought a jeans; cute jeans :)) cheche wanted to buy a bottoms but couldnt find the suitable one so she bought jibbitz instead. woody and buzz lightyear! 
to infinity and beyond~~~~
buzz lightyear famous quote. hehe. cheche said she cant find Dora the Explorer jibbitz. im the one who askd cheche to buy Dora jibbitz because she is just sooooo adorable!

when it was almost movie time, we tried to go in but was stopped by one of the black GSC workers. he said 'only 18 above'
wat the bloody eff
so we went to the counter and explain innocently that we thought can enter if the under 18 has an adult guidance. shesshh.. thankgod we can change the tickets to another movie. we have 2 choices which is Vampire Sucks(1.30pm) and Cats & Dogs; The Revenge of Kitty Galore(3.30pm). we chose the 3.30 show because Aizul was late. got lost in Ipoh. LOL. he went to Greentown Mall. i dont know what has gotten into him because its not his first time going to Jusco. 

hence we waited..until Aizul arrived with his bro. oh god. i forgot his name. wait.
*thinks hard*
heyyyy, he didnt said his name when he is introducing. so its not my fault for not remembering his name. ahaaa.. we played in the Arcade for a while. then head to Big Apple to have a drink. i drank Ice Peach Tea! i just knew Big Apple has peach tea. ouuuu~ i should go there more often then *wink*

after the movie we went to buy SUSHI~~ allie and cheche bought lotsa sushi. i bought 4 pieces of salmon sushi; 2 smoked and 2 fresh salmon. then we said goodbye to Aizul and his bro. once we stepped foot in the house we straightaway devour the sushi like a hungry Tiger.LOL. why tiger? i dont bloody know why. ahahaha. btw, i ate quite a lot.

then around 7 something
me: daddy, let's go to Aberdeen. i wanted to eat my Udon *smiles widely*
daddy: ouh, tak boleh. Uncle Azman is coming tonight. tomorrow la okay.

waaaaaa..... i thought i'll be having Udon for my dinner. pfft. instead i had Mamak's economy rice with cabbage and fried chicken. HOWEVER, i love Mamak's. hehe. so my dinner wasnt bad at all.