Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bubu is in the House

i've been eating a lot past 2 days since my mom cooked laksa sarawak, more chicken rendang and beef rendang, acar and nasi hujan panas. im sure u might be wondering how nasi hujan panas look like. if translate it to English it will be Hot Rain Rice or Warm Rain Rice or Hot Water Rice
i dont know

nasi hujan panas

laksa sarawak


however,thats not the real picas of my mom's cooking. i was too lazy and busy indulging the glorious food.

i didnt study properly. i have to remember 2 types of circuits for my practical test. darn it. i've been constructing the circuit again and again from the very first day in ipoh. i didnt read other stuffs which is for my theory test. oh eff. this is bad. totally bad. isk. i need halppp.... 

me and my sisters just made a list of cats that we had took care of and there's 27 of them. my mum just gave Hiccups to Aunty Intan
dats him. its a HIM. he got this very very nice 'design' on his neck. very playful and is from a good pedigree, i guess. LOL. ahahah. my mom wanted to give away out kittens because there are so many of them. 

Bubu is my cat. well, to be more precise,one of Cheche Amy's favorite cat. its in orange in color. he's in the house now. usually the only cat that will be in the house is Hamumama aka Munchkin. ahaaaaa. Hamumama is the latest nick given to her. its Queen in Korean if not mistaken. my family been watching too many Korean series in KBS World, Astro. 

Lovely Munchkin
Bubu aka Abu