Saturday, September 11, 2010

Loving Raya

god, its bloody tiring during my 1st and 2nd Raya. all my ipoh's friends cant come to my house. thats sad. ahaaaa. however, what matter me the most is to get to Raya with my superbly loving family. uncle vincent's, louis's and sunny's family came yesterday while aunty vivien cant make it. even they are not celebrating the Raya but they gave us Raya money.
*im flattered*
LOL.well, thats so sweet of them because..well, its Raya. *sigh* thats nice. glad to have them as my family. so the cousins are Megan, Sheaden, Ashley, Jeremy, Annabelle, Daniel, Jason and ShenShen. the oldest on the list is Daniel which is 17/18 years old. im not sure. LOL. the rest are all little kittens.
i meant little kids. LOL. well, Megan and Ash are form1. soooo they are not KIDS. ahaha. watever. im having a severe muscular pain right now, i had it yesterday also. darn bloody hell. really painful.

during the 1st Raya, dad's men came to our house. our food were not enough because they are so many of them! well, actually they were enough its just that, usually we will have leftover. aha! this Raya, there's no extra Chicken Rendang at all... *sigh* my mom baked 2 cakes; prune and moss cakes. thank god dad called 2 of his men to wash the plates and help in the kitchen. they were Uncle Kumar and Lawrence. thank you for helping us!

2nd raya, which is today, mom cooked Laksa Sarawak. the only GUEST who ate the laksa sarawak is my friends. AHA! Aizul, Fefe and Ezi. Ezi is Fefe's brother. he's a squash player. his whole family plays squash. meanwhile, Aizul is my senior in GMi. :)))) we are in the same club; English Club Society. he's celebrating Raya in Perak. he was so scared of my dad. LOL. it was so hilarious how he reacted in front of my dad. ahahha. he even called my dad, Tuan. AHAHAHA. he did his in-plant training in an army environment, so he's a bit scared of a Colonel. AHAHAH.  sorry, i just have to write the funny moments in my blog. jangan marah Aizul~~ :D

the trios are the only guest who ate my mom's Laksa Sarawak. my mom's friends was supposed to come but they cant make it.

my cousin, Megan, lost her phone. she ACCIDENTALLY, i repeat, accidentally, left her brand NEW handphone in the fitting room. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ its a bloody new sony ericsson. seriously, im so sorry for her.