Saturday, September 4, 2010

Raya Holiday

i'v arrived Ipoh last night. took the ETS train from KL sentral. i'll be in Ipoh till the 19th, i hope i wont put on TOO MUCH weight while im at home because that's the least possible thing to happen. i just weighted myself. heh heh heh. its 44kg. wow~ isn't it. i lost around 3kg, because previously i was 47/48kg. so am i happy with my weight? well, i felt nothing. im not impressed, sad or glad. just, neutral. so-so feelings.

i didnt bring my vanilla diffuser. *sobs* hence instead of my room will be smell vanilla, it is green tea now. that's the only oil fragrance existed in this house. my mum haven't take our baju raya. gosh. i cant wait to try it on.

ouu, im going to break the fast with my family in the Mess. i love eating in the Mess because.... we are going to eat with dad's colleagues. AHA. not that i fancied with one of his officers. sheeshhh~ just love eating with lotsa ppl together. thats what i called life. ahahaha. if u spend most of the time eating alone, then u have no life.
i must have offended some one but dont take it seriously. just to back up my stand.

zalia painted her room white and green. darn it. cant wait to see her room. i feel like planning to overnight in seremban during my raya holiday. hmmmm. but i dont have enough greens. *sigh* maybe end of this year :)