Friday, September 3, 2010

Completely Gratuitous

this is the great week ever. last night, i break the fast in RedWok, Bangi with my fellow classmates.24 people attended. RedWok is popular with the steamboat package. this restaurant also came out in TV. so it is quite a well known restaurant. 

i ate a lot of sea creatures with shells. LOL. well, i ate a lot of CLAMS. and 3 different types of mushroom. oh,they tasted so good. i didnt eat much crabs. prawns, yes. and i love the soya drink that they served for us. totally splendid. AHA. its thick and sweet. and its specially for our tables,well there's 3tables all together. it was specially served because the tauke of RedWok is Faeza's uncle. ahaaa~ faeza is my classmate. thats why the ONLY tables that was served with soya is OURS.

that was last night breaking the fast. it was great since we had this gathering because next semester we will be in our separate ways. we will be separated according to our specialized courses. *sigh* Group B1 is the best because most of them are decent and matured.

as for TODAY, sweetness and me break the fast with my seremban's friends.
we arrived seremban early,went to Jusco. oh god,that is the most bored mall i'v ever been. AHA. that will be too much of exaggerating. well, Ipoh's Jusco is much more better because Padini, MNG etc existed in there. well,lets not compare.
darn it
OVERALL~~ it doesnt matter as im meeting my LOVELY friends! we break the fast in a restaurant called Windmill. near the city park. love the environment. they wanted to make it country but its more like a modern country type. i cant stop smiling after i met them in jusco. i felt so gratuitous. 
completely gratuitous
it been like more than a year i didnt met Dila. awwwww~ she still have the cuteness with her. farah with her blurness. zalia with her big laugh. too bad Sabrina cant make it because she will only be in seremban by tomorrow. maybe some other time.

so i ate spaghetti formagio. i think thats the one i ordered. sweetness had lamb and beef. farah; fried rice. dila; spaghetti. zalia; double chicken chop. side orders; mash potatoes and fish nuggets. i enjoyed my spaghetti but Dila not. well, what the heck. she managed to finish the whole thing. LOL. mine with mozarella,hers without. maybe thats why. i dont know. well, wat the eff. who cares~ LOL

im having a sore at my butt. AHA. since the mall was so bored, we end up sitting on a bench for almost 3 BLOODY hours. :)))) thats bloody long. it does made my backside flatter
darn it
ahahahah. anyway~ i did enjoyed the topics that we talked while waiting for the 3fellas to arrive in Jusco.

besides that, we took a lot, A LOT of pictures together. at the upper most parking level. where we can see the sky. too bad there wasnt much stars twinkling the sky. sweetness became a temporary professional photographer. ahahaha. that sounds much more better than a cameraman right? Dila and Zalia said im too thin. well, i didnt plan to go thin this ramadhan. i just did. 
or maybe unconsciously 
i did realized all my bottoms are going way too loose for me. the feeling is weird because u'r wearing ur ordinary bottom, then u felt something different with it. ur hips are getting smaller. well, nothing much i can do during the ramadhan because i have to fast. maybe after raya, u'll see. i'll be the same size as i am before the ramadhan. AHA.

i bought this home fragrance diffuser. the stick type, the one u have to burn it. i bought VANILLA. the smell is just so great. however, during the burning of the stick, it smells totally nothing. it sucks because all u can smell is empty-smelling-smoke. LOL. i dont know how to describe it.
but BUT
after the burning was over, a few minutes later, my whole room is smell of Vanilla. SWEET! i love the smell. its mild, not too strong, just nice. i should bring some to Ipoh. i might miss this smell. AHA