Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doubting Friday's

went to the curve yesterday with Sweetness. it took us almost 2hours to arrive there, i dont know why the hell it took so long to go there. LOL. at first i wanted to force him to buy his Baju Melayu for raya because he havent buy himself one. however he said his mum going to buy him one so we just have to choose for the time being. well, at least he's going to get one then im ok with the-choosing-experience. :D

break the fast at Tgi friday's because it was friday. LOL. i almost suggested Tony Roma's but its Friday. that's the problem. ahahah. we went to the restaurant early because we were so tired walking searching for a specific top. sadly, we didnt managed to find it. the environment in tgi is more to classic because u can see marilyn monroe, elvis presley, the beatles etc against the wall and also ancient stuffs such as the old typewriter, keyboard etc.

then we watched Grown Ups. total hilarious movie, while watching it we didnt care what people might think we are, we just laugh our hearts out. well, most of them were like that. yup, i did enjoyed the movie so much. and the popcorn. after that, went to a urban mamak restaurant in ampang. if not mistaken. we invited Shaz to come along because we wanted to order the Roti Tisu. its humongous. seriously. sadly, we cant get through his hp. he didnt answer our bloody calls n messages. *sigh* still, it doesnt change our mind to order the Roti Tisu.
told u it's huge. dont worry, its nice. just like a normal Roti Tisu. sweet and a lil salty at certain parts.both of us managed to finish it. thankgod we didnt go LaLa after eating it. AHAHAHAH. there's this couple who didnt managed to finish the whole Roti Tisu,they left half of it, so we are quite proud we were able to 'handle' it well. besides the couple there was also a table of 6, same situation. didnt finished their the Roti Tisu. in that case, im quite sure, they had dinner just before they ordered the Roti Tisu.

it went pretty well untill a question was asked. that made me realized something. so the day ends a bit ugly. 
a lil drama happened. i guess its the 'down' part of our lives. well, there's up and down in our lives ryte?