Sunday, August 22, 2010

After the 3 Words

i've watched SKINS, generation 2. its..*speechless* totally for adult. i cant believe they screening it in the tv in London. wow. what a world out there. aha~ the most right, is the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life. LOL. that will be so much of exaggerating. that's Effy. her eyes, blardy eyes are sooooooo gorgeous. how i wish i have eyes like hers. hmph. and her hair. she's just perfect physically. and i think she's younger than me.

woke up a bit late today. studied a bit of Machine and Control. i have test tomorrow. hope i can answer it well.
*crossing finger*
i almost watched a movie after studying but thank god im breaking the fast outside with Sweetness. we ate at tupai-tupai because his sister borrowed his car. he arrived at 6.30pm. hence we need to find a restaurant fast. and tupai-tupai is very near to our college. thank god there's place for us to dine in. *phewh* OH! n he was driving his sister's car. quite a cool car. love the songs in the car ;)

after dinner, we went to McD for ice cream. then he met his old friend. a senior from his high school. having a post that's quite impressive. ahaaa. i eavesdropping. wat the heck. they were talking behind me. i can listen every word. we ate chocolate sundae. seriously, the chocolate tasted like MINT. my taste bud is normal since Sweetness tastes it too. soooo does McD changes their type of chocolate??? wat the heck to worry bout. scratch that.

I Love You. a sentence that have to be said when we are sane. LOL. why do love me? or maybe why do u like me? thats the questions i'll ask and dying to find out. judging through my personality is okay but never my looks.
"oh you're pretty, thats why i love u"
oh. im sure u'r going to get a bitch slapped after u said that. LOL. well, im not that brave to give that type of slap. but what surely i'll do is dumping u. no more dates. no more meeting each other,havin meal together. NADA. however, thank god Sweetness answered it well. *wink*