Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hectic Week

it was a blardy busy week. i have to travel back and forth from kL to ipoh. i have JPJ test and tests. *sigh* never felt this busy before. and it was sucks. 

i passed my JPJ test. thank god have mercy on me. i did pretty fast and well for the cliff and parking part. as for the on road part, i got the shortest way. i got a male JPJ officer to verify my driving. he didnt talk a lot while im driving. hence, everything went pretty well.

i watched SALT last night. i enjoyed the movie. someone didnt LOL :P her character almost like the one in Mr and Mrs Smith. a very tough lady spy. coolio. and i tried Mc'd GCB. it tasted so good. i dont know if im so hungry or what but its nice. u should try it. 

last night i celebrated alone, in my room, for the weekends! this week is seriously a sick week. hehehe. so i was watching all my drama series. its what i needed the most, well at that time. a time for me to enjoy what i enjoy the most. :))) slept at 4am. and woke up early today. damn. however i did took an hour nap at 3 till  4. and this is also a habit, to have an hour nap on the evening. :)

listening to Usher right now. PAPERS. this song makes my eyes go lala. n i was suppose to study not blogging. this is wat happens when u derailed. *wink*