Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweetness Sake!

woke up early because i've 745am class. and it ended at 1230pm. its like 4 hours and 45 minutes, minus the break for 30mins. so total is 4 hours and 15minutes listen to the same subject. i think we should bring a recorder to record the lectures. darn it was so long. my eyes went 'lala' after the break. im pretty sure my Sir had watched many awful expressions from me since i was so sleepy. he might think im a total freak. aha. take that for making us listen to your fascinating lectures. :)))) but he was ok, a good TTO. 

this is the interesting part. ahaha. during my evening class,3 ___, called me. its like an interval for them to call me. LOL. right after a call, about 10mins, came another call, then 10mins later, came another call, from different person. ahaha. this is so funny. well for me O_o 

there's this chinese guy, i like him though, but so sayang he appeared at the wrong time. *long sigh* he never gives up to steal my heart. *applause* LOL i still owe him a date. we'r going to date a.s.a.p k. its just, i'v been busy with all my stuffs right now. i did told him im into someone else, but ya. like i said. never gives up easily. such a tough guy. AHA!

had my branch and skipped my lunch. and had fried bihun for dinner. i think the chef wanted to kill me by giving me plenty of bihun. its like telling me to die because of eating too much bihun. LOL

did my terawih. went to the mosque at 815pm. the electricity keep on blackout. it was so hot in there. in Ipoh, the surau, has air-cond in it. waaaaa... so comfortable to do terawih there. eheh.