Saturday, August 7, 2010

NUC graduated

yesterday, Sweetness sent me and my sis to kL. my parents are going to arrive late in kL,around 9. so we decided to hangout in the Curve. at first, my idea was KLCC. then Shaz changed the plan. heheh. then off we go to the curve. sadly, the traffic was BLOODY SUPERMASSIVE blackhole. LOL. i mean terrible. we were in the car from 5.30pm till 8.45pm. smokes! we didnt even managed to set foot on the Curve. i always forgot that im in kL right now, and the traffic is usually bloody terrible during the peak hours. sheessshh~

once arrived in kL sentral, Shaz went back because he..i think he got something else to do. we were suppose to eat together! but i know, it was late. arrived there at almost 9. so my parents were about to arrive. *long sigh* i feel so bad. hey~ the petrol price is increasing, and both of u driving a bloody car that used lots of petrol.
and Shaz is a dangerous, freak, unhealthy driver. LOL. its so untrue XD however, i didnt realized that when i was in his car. but wat i remember, i always say 'careful' many times, when he drives. ahaaa~

and i didnt even have dinner together with Sweetness. oh god. i feel so bad. he sent us all the way from Bangi to kL. and he get nothing. NOTHING. NADA.. he must be regretting  to ever send me and my sis there. *sigh* so here i stand.
in the world wide web
i would like to apologize to both of u for ur willingness and kindness.

so that was yesterday. today is my sister ALLIE graduation day. yay! she was graduated from NUC!!! we were proud of u, Ali. *muachs*

and i had the most weirdest Bihun Soup EVER~~~~~! well, for my dinner. bloody shops in the gals' cafe closed. so i ordered from my friend's friend. i dont know where the hell he bought our dinner, but its a total SUCKS. that will be too much of exaggerating. well, its eatable and munchable and swallowable. LOL. its just taste so weird...sheshhhh~~ however, i have to be grateful i have DINNER. damn erika. be grateful for what u've in ur life. *sigh*