Thursday, August 5, 2010

Agnes is Cute!

watched despicable me yesterday. it was ladies night, the tickets are cheap. we were planning to watch either Salt or Inception, but it was full. damnn~ but despicable me is soo funny. i knew the guy will be a good man after adopting the 3 lil girls. haihhh kawaii :)))

i woke up late yesterday, thankgod Linda wake me up. i turned off my alarm once i heard 'The XX - crystallized' beaming in the air. i should not make it as a habit. im so dead if im used to turn off the alarm easily. however, HOWEVER im not late for class. hoyeah!! i was awake by Linda at 8. class at 8.15am. i got out from my room at 8.15am. my TTO was late. phewh~ god heard my prayer. *wink*

i had the greatest dinner so far. LOL. at last, a chinese cuisine that was superbly delicious~ ate in Tupai-tupai, very near to my college. i ate kuey teow cantonis and my date was eating kuey teow goreng.
LOL. currently, my status right now will be dating lotsa guys. ahahha. i sounded like a biatch. ahaaa. well,im enjoying my single life as if i'v been in a relationship before im looking for the right guy to be my partner. and yes,i called it partner. :D i mean him. partner.

i think the God is testing me or something. and i hope i will passed the 'test'. ahaaa.. there's one old email that made me smile just now. i should paste it on my blog. 

" It was Sunday after the GMi open day...the day was mighty fine, the sun was shining brightly, perhaps too sunny. The students were supposed to wait infront of the hall. Some were punctual. Some had time management issues. Dressed in black, all of us boarded the Gmi bus.I have to admit the students looked absolutely "classy". Even the Gmi boys were checking out the Gmi girls when they were taking their seats in the bus. I m sure the other girls out there would also take "second look" at the Gmi boys.I knew the students would look good in black/formal attire, sans flip-flop and fake crocs. We could even hang-out at Bangsar right after the show if that was the next agenda..."

i just did my resume, i did it on my own without other people's resume. YAY! :) sent it to Miss Shahreena, hopefully she will reply me. hee. i laugh a lot during her class, it was like a laughing class where u'll laugh ur heart out. so i got to be grateful to have one of my classes as a laughing class. 

im doing my application letter now, kinda stuck for the first paragraph. LOL. maybe i should continue tomorrow. oh god, i have test on Monday. may God make me realize i have goal to achieve. ;)