Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not a Good Idea

Keine Gute Idee (in german)

my sister, Allie, graduation will be held on this weekend, Saturday. i was planning to ditch with my friends but i'v changed my mind. it will be so rude and inappropriate. :))) so i'll attend her graduation day instead of spending time with my friends.

i was so sleepy during my afternoon class. its like im wearing a very huge fake eyelashes or very thick mascara. shessshh~ but after the break. i didnt feel so sleepy.

*if u want to change your life. or you want to be a better person. then start with yourselves. change yourselves to a better person. one day u will realized that what im saying is true.*

well,thats a piece of advise. ahaaa. for my readers. i think those who are in trouble should start thinking about this and stop blaming others for the trouble that fall upon you. and believe in God. without Him, we are nothing. 

i know, when everything is in wrong places or fall apart, we tend to do stupid thing and make idiot decision. well, we should chill ourselves, relax our brain,nerves,buds EVERYTHING. then only, we can start 'acting'.

i should stop my lame speeches. AHAHA. im revising Machine and Control subject AND online at the same time. im such a superwoman. lol. i multitasking :D

Total Mess

i didnt have morning classes today, but i still wake up early which is at 8.30am. ahaaa~ im going to make it as a habit, to be awake at 8.30am *wink* first thing i did was.well. on my lappytop. then check my notifications. LOL. i just realized im so into internet now. its like a DRUG for me. o gosh, its going to be hard to cure it.well  with PerezHilton's blog, The Examiner.com, Star Online, Twitter, Galaxie blog, updated friend's blog, New york Times. those are fascinating and interesting websites. i love the article in www.examiner.com they are interesting and very knowledgeable. cool. try reading it. so im going to have many tabs on my chrome. however one by one will be remove after finish reading it. daa~

ok.why i'm telling u all this. isk. shite.

i have class at 2 till 6pm. however, at 6, i have rehearsal for my English Club Activity which is promoting a trip to Tioman. i was late. i felt so bad. my tto doesnt seem like type of person who can dismiss his students early. so i rather wait than asking him to let me dismiss early. we were dismissed at 6.45am. almost 7. urgh~ due to that i didnt managed to go for the bloody rehearsal. my group consist of Shaz, Jieren, Nadia and Me. Ili and Fitri cant attend. so its just the four of us. we did our best to promote the trip. *sigh* it was embarrassing. ahaha. we were so not prepared. damn~~ we didnt even rehears. thats the worst. hence we were not qualified to be the winner. LOL. muhammad's group won the challenge. *applause* their promotion is really funny thou.

besides that, erika has been elected as the vice president for the club.erm yeah. thats me. ME gosh. i dont know if im qualified enough to be a leader for the club. OH! and there's two newbies in our club *smiles* Ain and Jacky. i think their kinda in a relationship LOL i tried my best to convince the both of them that our club will be interesting and i did emphasized a lot A LOT on the importance of speaking English in GMi, or in our field, engineering. then presentation skills.
a few minutes after we were dismissed. i received a message from Ain saying she was so happy to be there just now.
thats a great start! 
yeash! its like i managed to get a client to buy my project. i was sooo happy. i'll try my luck again in giving or convincing new students to be in the club. *wink wink* i have plans. many plans. im only going to write here if its work out. LOL.

i have to memorize the meaning of every sentence in Al-Fatihah. i havent start anything. gosh. i should memorize at least one sentence now. got to go. thats all Little Monster. *wink*