Friday, July 30, 2010

Stupid Spammer

i hate those who spam my CBOX. bloody hell u, get a life. shesssh~ now i've replaced it to Shoutmix.

yesterday evening, i did a discussion with Shaz, Jieren and Ili. we discussed about our small act to promote Tioman. its an activity for the ELC. we had a great time. we laugh loud, even we were in the library. OH! i arrived early in the library, then i saw someone who looks like Jieren but im not sure. he really looks like Jieren~~~ but something different about this guy.i simply sit in front of him so that i can analyse his face. while waiting for Shaz and Ili, i kind of stared at him, to get a proper look in his face, but still no confidence to greet him. then Shaz came. and i told him bout this. and he said " NO~ if its him, he will surely say hi". i was like "okayy~" but while we were talking bout this, both of us look at him. and he realized. and he came to us and say HI
told u!
ahahaha. i straightaway told what happen yada yada yada and i askd him "did u cut ur hair?" and he said ya, just a lil cut. AHA! i knew something was different about him. no wonder i cant recognized him. well Shaz too. i find out that jieren is good in drawing, im suck in writing. orghhhh, my writing is ugly.

today is my first day i took a bus from KL to Ipoh. thankgod im not alone, i was with my friend, Hidayah. her friend was admitted in Hospital Ipoh, so she came here just to give him/her a visit. aint that sweet? ahaaa. how kind she is. i was afraid to take a bus because well all the accident news make me worried and insecure to travel by bus. however, after the ride this evening, i think im going to be okay to travel by bus again. :)

the bus was at 1.30pm. i was dismissed from my morning class at 11am. and i received my result right after the class. its decreasing!
but alhamdulillah~ as long as it doesnt decrease by 0.1, then i will not kill myself. however, i was soooo disappointed with my Programming C subject. i got a bloody C for that subject. the rest of it was ok, i got A for the rest of the subjects. now its sooo obvious that Miss ________, is kedekut in giving marks, or just doesnt want her student to get A or B. what a pity to live in her body.. the highest, i know so far, is C. for this subject, in my group. others group who got BETTER tto, get A or B. i guess its not my luck to have her.