Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Smokes - 1st Time

today, 27 July 2010, will be my very first day i woke up late. i bloody turn off my alarm. i have class at 745am, thank god have mercy on me, i woke up at 717am. i rush to the toilet, put on m clothes quickly.
i just realized i can get ready really fast! LOL. i went out from my room at 735am. wow! thats really fast *wink* and im not late for my class! yay!

when Sir arrived, he said he has a bad news. he has a meeting at 830am. this is **#^&@$*%$@*
it was such a bad start for a day.

last night, i hangout with my friends to Domino's. we laughed a lot. we sing along. well in a blue swift. LOL. and that's what i call having fun. the chilli flakes in Domino's is sooooo spicy till it causes my mouth to be on fire. shessh~ dont eat the flakes if u dont like spicy stuff. super spicy. i really like the moment where we all sing out loud together for MizzNina - Watchu Waiting For song. the guys took the Colby's part while me and Nadia singing MizzNina's part.