Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Fun

the title has nothing to do with wat im writing right now. well it can be previous post, or maybe the post before the previous post. aha! 

i watched the blind side. there was so many watery-eyes scenes. LOL the movie is ok. i love when i saw whites do helped the blacks. its call integration and unity. haha. i learnt it in malaysian studies. talking about that subject, i havent read the pages that my Sir askd out class to read. damnnn~ maybe tonight?? oh. i think im going to procrastinate again. S!

i had my lunch late. i thought i wanted to cook my spaghetti, but im just so lazy. GOSH! there's so many negative electrons around me today. i have to think what might have causes this to happen... hmm.. maybe because tomorrow is MONDAY! i have morning classes at 745am. yes. sounds like a high school to me. LOL. 

i felt the earthquake yesterday. TWICE. first was on the evening, then the second was at 11pm. im not hallucinating,it was really a gegaran. well,i have a proof to make my stand acceptable. my friend, Mufidah Saoda, felt it too. it was the same time as i felt because i asked her right after i felt it. she replied the same to me. so im really sure its a gegaran. but only a minor gegaran. this reminds me of my semester 1. the same situation where i felt the earthquake. at that time, i was lying on my bed. i felt my bed was moving. 

stop the boring issues. too bad there's no HOT issues i could come out from my brain right now. ahaaa. mainly because i spent my weekends doing my assignments *wink*