Saturday, July 24, 2010

Im a Sugar

ahaha. currently there's many boys into me. LOL. im not showing off. its just what happen in my life right now. by the way, its rare to have this moment where lotsa guys are into u and u know about it. rephrased KNOW BOUT IT.

sadly,none of them interest me. but i do have a crush. but that crush seems to have been taken. damnn! ahaha. however, at first i didnt fond any of the guys. but right now, currently, someone managed to have my eyes on him. i hope i wont keep my eyes on him for too long because i scared i might fall in love and yada yada yada... rumors can really make u fall back. well, i have to beware  ;)

supposed to go home this weekend but the train tickets was sold out. shesshh~ when will my family moves to kL?? ahaha. it will be easier for me to go back every weekend. i miss Munchkin. awwwww~~

my friend shares a link to watch a SUPER HORRIBLE video clip. its a murderer clips. involved two Ukrainian's men. record their acts while murdering a pity old men who suffers from cancer. may God bless him. it was sick. seriously disturbing n sooooo extremely GANAS! the clip was leaked to the internet, and thankgod, they had been arrested and sentenced to life in prison. ALHAMDULILLAH~ so scary to have that type of men roaming out there. i didnt watch the whole clip because it is too horrible. watched till 2mins, then quickly turn it off.

a guy just did a research on my dad. i was like super SHOCK. how did he do that? apparently, he has an insider. LOL. damn u. i should do a research on ur dad too! but i dont know his dad's name. darn it. i dont even know his fullname. what an idiot i am~~~~

the latest preview from blogspot is sucks! they didnt preview it properly. sheshh~ waste my time altering things that i shouldnt have altered.