Sunday, July 18, 2010

MTV World Stage-Failed

me: jom ikea!
him: pavi?
me: JOM!

ahaha. i was supposed to hangout with my girlfriend. but she has a kenduri kahwin to attend. i was so down, so i send those messages.

however he changed his mind when im on the way to Pavi. he's even near at Pavi. but we managed to went off to Sunway Pyramid, to win MTV world stage passes! i cant believe he rather went there just for the passes. it was jammed near the pavi because its kL during the weekends. he's driving a car that consumes alot ALOT of petrol. moreover, the petrol price is increasing. geez~ he's...i dont know. ahahha. he bring along his friend,which is a mixed. same like me. dad's a chinese,n mum's a malay. 

we failed to win the passes. ahaaa because we arrived late. the journey from pavi to sunway is like a road trip. ahaha. i can really get lost in kL. i dont know how did u guys remember every streets. damnn~ its torturing. LOL

so we tried archery. i get a special bow since imma girl. LOL. nayh~ my first bow is too huge. a kind hearted lady changed it to a smaller bow. it was great. but very VERY tiring. we did some window shopping. i wanted to shop but i didnt because im not prepared to shop in Sunway. so i kinda lost, i cant find my favourite boutique. so end up buying nothing. *sigh*

we hangout quite late. thank god he's sweet enough to send me to kL sentral. his house is quite far. bump into Eija before i went up to my room. she was with her boyfie and her friend. she went to The Mines to watch movie and she bought two shirts for her kittens! gosh! it was so small. and so funny. i cant believe she bought it. the kittens are from her boyfie. both black in color.

im doing my malaysian studies research. failed to find wat i wanted. urgh!