Friday, July 16, 2010

The XX or Result

The XX is an indie band in UK. their songs are quite cool. well i love most of their songs. sabrina was the one who introduced me about the band. thanks sweetness!

enuff bout XX. i had my retest paper of EET due to plagiarism this morning. the whole semester took back the paper. it was...well. challenging and HARD.i'd checked my marks if i didnt need to retest the paper,i'll be getting A for this bloody subject. waaaaaaaaaaa~ this is sadih. it will be the greatest regret if i get B after my tto check the retest paper. i hope i get A.. 
*crossing fingers*
i hope i can retain my semester 1 CGPA which is..well.. 3.88
ok.maybe not below 3.5.

the subjects in semester 3 needs a lot A LOT of reading. *sigh* i have malaysian studies, islamic studies, control system, electrical machine and control etc etc. islamic studies is the only one with Bahasa. at least for now, all my ttos are okay. heh heh. 

i cant wait to see my result. arghhh~~