Sunday, July 11, 2010

Envy Victoria Beckham so Much

she had a wonderful husband. *sigh* 

finally registered for the new semester today. im now in semester 3. i hav 3 more sem. to go. well as usual there are some stuffs i'v forgotten to bring along. sheeshhh~ im lack of underwear. LOL. then i didnt bring my BLOODY laptop's charger. darn it! and and i need more sugar. LOL. 

when i was in the hall for the registration process. there was several counters. and i didnt go to all the counters. and that,i regret now. *sigh* i think i was sooo nervous. isk! due to that,i missed out some documents and the semester 3 sticker to stick on my ID. 

HAH! went to watch Eclipse yesterday. it was awesomeeeee! because there's so many kissing scene. LOL. enjoy every moment of it. ahahah. i bought the tickets online. went with my parents. my dad doesnt know whats the story about. while he was watching it,he keeps on complaining. bored bored BOred. LOL. its a romance movie. i think he feels uneasy because Adriene sat besides him. AHAHAHAH. so funny! nextime i wont bring my parents to watch romance movie.

i like the part where Jacob kiss Bella,then Bella punch him. then Jacob hug Bella. and LASTLY! Bella askd Jacob to KISS her! and thats the part where i dont understand the most. ITS SICK! to think does she loves him. urghh! tension! now i wish Bella will be with Jacob. i cant believe Taylor Lautner kissed Kristen Stewart. :)))) 

so im in my hostel now. and i wont be watching the WC finals. :((((( this is sadih! i have morning class tomorrow. haihhhh~ dont they watch WC? stupid fellas. just giv a day off for the WC laaaa. isk! 

i hope SPAIN will be the winner of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010. this will be their first. torres! please score a goal. :) pedro~ i know u did a mistakes but u are good in kicking at long distance. :) all the best ESPANA!