Sunday, July 4, 2010

Im just good

ahaaaa. its about choosing the right team. im talking about FIFA btw. im good at choosing team or should i say, predicting. AHA! i LOVE this feeling.
*feels great*
i'd predicted that brazil is not goin to win,then germany is goin to win against argens. lastly SPAIN is goin to win against uruguay. its like 3 games in a row and i was well predicted. LOL. my family was against me except for Adriene; lil sister. yeah! adriene!

yesterday was Adriene's birthday. mum cooked laksa sarawak. it was deliciousssss! i enjoyed devourin d meal till i forgot to snap some pics. heee! me and my sisters bought her a document bag n UNO card; toy story version. the cards are so damn attractive. ahaaaaa!

eminem has a new album; RECOVERY. seriously, u must listen to all of the songs in d album. ahaaa. well i LOVE it. however, its not suitable for kids. u know why. *wink* the one i like the most is 
Love The Way You Lie
25 To Life

there's soo many cursing in his songs. well thats Eminem. it wouldnt be Eminem if there's no fucking cursing in his songs. LOL.

goshhhh~ im goin to b entering a whole new semester next week;Monday. shite. i hope i wont get Ms. Saf as my English's TTO *prayin hard* 

'no one can make me inferior without my permission' got it in a book dat i'v been reading.