Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Car Lesson

it was my first time im driving a MANUAL car. rephrased; MANUAL CAR. im sooo pissed with my instructor. thank god he's not my permanent instructor. sheeshhh. speak properly laa. cant hear ur bloody instructions. u got problem man!

well, its my first time. i dont really really know how to drive. so the first move is MATI enjin. the engine died. LOL. saya tak tahu macam mana nak explain in english. ahahahah. reminds me of the uncle who explained me the engine part.

then i know i have to release the clutch SLOWLY. i hate manual cars. it will be better if i take d driving licence next year because they'r goin to introduce a new type of drivin licence. manual car n automatic car. can choose which type we want to learn. DAMMIT it'll only be next year. why do i have to knw it now?!
shit shit shit shit shit
pray for me to pass all the driving test kayyyy.. *cross fingers*

do u knw kancil car has a very VERY hard steering? i need a car with a power steering. damn~! the bloody kancil car sprained my shoulder. my shoulder is in pain now. my legs too. urghhh.

i just counted my TOTAL cats in my house. serious shit. its 17.
bloody 17 cats

yeeesus christ.. its including the kittens. we have 9 kittens. ADORABLE kittens. we only have siamese n persian cats. we have pure persian, mixed persian n siamese, and pure siamese i guess. i forgot. lol. its only a small circle. it will be big since my mom LOVE cats. she's goin to open a cat nursery. no doubt bout it. ahaaa

alia.my friend, is goin to pursue her studies in UKM! too bad its UKM kl.
she's my lunatic friend. ahaaaa. she's lovely. totally will hav fun when hanging out with her. AHHH! cant wait ALIA!