Sunday, June 27, 2010


hoooyeh! as stated as the title of this post. its steamboat day! im so delighted. i did snapped some picas, however havent transfer it to my lappy. will upload when im free ;)

im so grateful to have my parents <3 every morning,especially when im in my college, the first thing in my mind is to make my parents proud n happy. thats wats motivates me every morning. i felt so sorry for those who hate their parents. i cant imagine how can u hate ur own parents. its bullshit.

well lets change the boring topic shall we..ahaaa~

oh i wanted a gucci bag. AHA! there's so many stuff that i cant afford in my wishlist. gosh! i have to cancel some.
i wanted a g-shock too! previous wish about a hi dunk nike shoes has been cross-out. ahaaa. i find out i wont be comfortable wearing that around.