Monday, June 21, 2010

Lazy Bum Bum

my ass is getting bigger and bigger.LOL.i'v become a lazy bum. its so hard to read my notes. lets not talk bout it
*feel so bad*

went to KL last saturday to take my EET notes. my parents hav  a dinner with the sultans and raja perlis in sheraton hotel. so i took the opportunity to take my EET notes. i slept in the a place called transit.lucky the room is like a hotel.phewh. i was alone for..erm..7hours.LOL. well,i didnt do anything bad while im alone. it was bored. i watched gossip girl.then i watched spongebob movie coz i didnt get a good internet line.

then on father's day. me and my sistas bought my dad a pipe pouch.hehe.
its almost kinda look like in the picture. no i think its the same.wtv. at first i wanted to buy wallet for him, but he said he dont need one. so i dont want to buy something that he doesnt want.

while blogging,im watching portugal against korea. its 4-0 now. im still with my sepanyol. :)))) back when i decide to support spain,i dont know that spain has a highest ranking. lets pray spain will go to finals. oh,speaking bout finals. huishhhh. its on the day i have to register my new semester.
bloody hell
why! why! isk. maybe i can ask one of my guy friends to bring me along if they watch the finals. LOL. maybe emy. or farhan. or my bro. ahaa. i'll decide later.