Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i broke my vow. hehe. i took two meal of rice a day. this is bad. but its hard to control this since im at home.
i think i should just..follow the flow. what can i do in a condition like this.sheeshh~

i hav to retest my EET paper because of plagiarism. well its not our fault to do the previous test paper as execises. shit. total bullshit. is it SO hard to create a paper? to do questions? too bad thats just ur work as a TTO!
bloody hell
im pissed. MAD for getting the paper. blaming the world for being so unfair to my life right now.


when i think back.its good to retest the paper so everybody will get a fair marks. heh heh. so i should be grateful. hence i must study during my holiday. again its not a problem. i have nothing to do here! i thought i want to work as a part time. well,to have the experience of working. i NEVER work before. maybe after i take my 'ujian komputer' :)))

my dad's posting is postponed so YAY! i dont have to pack the house stuffs. i dont know when my dad will be posting but what im really sure is that i dont have to work my ass packing stuffs during the hols.

watchin portugal vs. ivory coast. christiano is ugly. ahah. all their shirts is like so KETAT. total ketatism. LOL. dont bother search that in dictionary. no such word exist in any dictionary. LOL. the shirts made them look so sexy.

booyah! thats my shirts.ahaaa.got from an application in facebook. i choose 3 because its my fav. number.