Saturday, June 12, 2010

Semester Break

im having my 1month semester break right now. its been great. aaahhhh~~ :) since i get to watched FIFA with my family. its been a long time since i've been 'kin-cong'. i just love to watch sports. any sports will make me 'kan-cong'. ahaha.

i was supporting Mexico for the first match. its so frustrating when they keep on attacking but none of them able to goal it. sheeeshh~ i was SCREAMING. make my scream worth it bebeyh! when Africa goal the first goal. i was like..WHATT~~ but it doesnt change my mind to discontinue supporting Mexico.
when Mexico goal. its the best moment of the day. LOL. i straightaway jump. i mean seriously jump. well. im at home. so i'll jump whenever im happy!

my finals end pretty welll. i watched Lady Gaga-Alejandro official music video. it was.....well. see it on ur own. u'll be horrified. LOL.

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