Monday, May 31, 2010


woke up at 9am. revised some digital notes and end up feeling total idiot. i cant remember how to get the output of something. *long sigh* last night, i did message my digital's TTO to confirm today's cancelled class but she didnt reply me *geram* i dont even know when is my test 2. finals is next week on monday for god's sake. dont u want to tell us a bit of information about the finals??

went to the Admin at 11am to check my current statement. apparently, i didnt owe any money to GMi. :))) i heard that if i owe more than rm200, i cant sit for finals. yikes! thank god i paid all my fees.

on the way back to my room, i stop by the koperasi to buy bread. there's PREGO booth besides the koperasi. they displayed the spaghetti sauce in tin( mushroom,tradisional,carbonara, cheese etc). so i asked if they are selling it now since they just about to settle things down at the booth. the guy said yes. then i gave them time to do their stuffs first, while i went to the koperasi to buy bread. sadly, there's no bread. :'(((((

went back to the booth and bought a PREGO package. the package include 3 tins of spaghetti sauce, 2packs of spaghetti and one awesome bag. it cost me rm10. its cheap right? as far as i can remember, one tin cost around rm2 something.

i printed my proposal for activities to be done in my english club. it turned out to be lack of information. then i googled to search for some examples on that type of proposal. most in the internet, or world wide web AHA, are project's proposal. thank god i managed to dig till the core and get 2types of proposal on activity. phewhhh~ then i redo back my proposal based on the example and sent a soft copy to ms. saf. she said WELL DONE
but BUT she said i need to add names. whose name should i put??? *wondering* the people involved..... in doing the proposal or involved in the activities?

i think im getting dummer and dummer. isk. now im waiting for her reply.

oh! my dad is supporting argentina for this year world cup. im supporting SPAIN..

received a message from my sister. she said we are going to NEGERI SEMBILAN back! my dad is posting there. and he's going to received another pingat from Istana Negara. oh dadddyyy! im so happy for u! im in tears. oh. im flattered and soo grateful.


hence during my semester break, i will be busy packing my house stuffs. to be moved to port dickson. will i enjoy it? lets just wait me writing about it. ahaa!

thats all for tonight folks. have a great day! :)))))))