Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prank Call

leaving my hostel at 9.30am to take the 10am ktm to kl sentral. while i was waiting for the commuter, there's this unknown number called me.

guy: askm. erika ada kelas tak esok?
me: can u speak clearly, i cant hear u. *he's kinda mumbling*
guy: esok ada kelas tak?
me: im kinda busy.later! (i hung up) *its a prank call*

i was buying a ticket that time. in my thoughts, i said it was a prank call because i remember that voice. so after i'v done buying my ticket, i send a message to the person 'buyin ticket.10mins' in case its not a prank call but im very sure it was a prank call. then he called me.

guy: har,erika ada kelas tak esok?
me: *annoys* adee la..its monday,of coz i have class
guy: kelas ape?
me: *annoyssss* im sure u dont want to know.
guy: tak tak. ni abang yusuf.

me: oh abanggggggg~ sorry sorry. i thought it was a prank call. sorry sorry. because before this got this guy who prank me. *he sounds just like u* sorry sorry.
abang yusuf: takpe takpe. biasa la orang glamour. orang pun ada minta abg no. fon eka yada yada yada..
me: sorry sangat sangat. malunyerrr~
abang yusuf: ada simpan number fon org tu(the prank guy)
me: tak la pulak

then the rest of the conversation is about our class tomorrow. WHAT THE HELL right. EMBARRASSING MOMENT of the day. my intonation is superbly mean and its was bloody embarrassing. oh god.

went to ikea with my family after sent popo to aunt vivien's house. weee! its been a long time since i've stepped my foot there. i saw this heels in bonia, and i regretted for not buying it. sheeeshh~ i like bonia footwear. its comfortable and cheap and i like it. its my taste i guess. ahaa~

for lunch we ate in ikea. i ordered salmon with ginger and lemon sauce, my parents ate chicken, adriene, allie and che che amy; meatballs. and two extra meal which is spaghetti and pasta. the meatballs are darn tasty. dont u think they should have ta-pao service? lol. so i can bring back to my hostel for my dinner. the salmon was great with the ginger and lemon sauce.

my salmon

my salmon, top right; meatballs, top left; pasta

 adriene's and daddy's hand.ahaaa~

we did clean up our table. we are not people that cant read. those who didnt clean their tables are either idiots or blind. i think most MOST of them are idiots. heh heh. 

after lunch we split out. cheche, allie and adriene went to the curve while me and my parents do some shopping in IKEA. i felt tired so fast.. thank god im not wearing heels. if i am, sure die DIE die.

after done with buying the stuffs. we went back home. oppps! i mean my dad sent me to kl sentral and they went back home to Ipoh. :'((( how i wish i can follow them... so in the commuter train, i get a sit when the train stops at bandar tasik selatan. once i get the sit, i closed my eyes. i think i kinda sleeping for a while. LOL.

i have no class tomorrow! LAAAAALALALA~~ planning to escape to a place where i can spend a bit. *wink* mayb search for my bonia heels..hurmm.. :D

Spit it out, dont hesitate :D