Saturday, May 29, 2010

Incoming Kittens

i straight away did my task 12(electronics circuit) when i woke up this morning. i took my bath and lunch a lil bit late to complete the circuit.

it was a darn boring day. after i'd completed the circuit i continued doing my practical reports. there are 4 reports to be done. how i wish i can have a magic pen, like the one in harry potter movie.

my family will be in kl tomorrow to send popo to aunty vivien's house. popo is grandma by the way, in chinese. hence i'll be meeting my family tomorrow. supposedly, i planned to go shooting tomorrow. i guess next time again. and my cousin Megan Quah is taking the test for the ASEAN thingy. GAMBATE megan! i know u can do it and hopefully u pass the test.

i took my calcium supplements this morning.hee! i dont want to experience muscular pain anymore. it hurts so blooody bad. and hopefully during my semester break, i'll make an appointment to do braces. AHA! i know,i've been talking about doing braces like ages ago,but never been doing it. insyaAllah. its just a plan. 

my cat, Smokey, gave birth to 4 new meow today and yesterday. confused? yes, i know. she gave birth for the first kitten last night. then the rest this morning. oh i love her 'shoes'. aha! one is black and the other one is white.

stole this picture from my sis, Amy. she's good at editting pictures because she has experienced working in a photography company.