Friday, May 28, 2010

Stop of the Heart Beat

using times font means that im lack of creativity. erkkk! lets change font. LMAO :)))))

the presentation this morning almost got me a heart attack or even breathing problem. someone has replaced our sweet Ms. Eliza. she was admitted to the hospital, so she cant conduct the presentation. i think i'd mentioned this in previous post. and guess who replaced her? well the Diva in gmi. ms. saf. some people find it devastating and some are interesting. we all kinda prepared a type of presentation that suits ms eliza's taste. unfortunately... *sigh*

all of us received chocolates before we start with the presentation. or should i say a chocolate. i only ate one. i should have secretly chuck in my mouth two. ahaa! ms. mazlin(if not mistaken) was suppose to be with us but she cant therefore she passed the chocolates to ms. saf who replaced ms. mazlin who replaced ms. eliza. aha! splendid circles in my life.

eatin chocolates reminds me of the chocs that i bought in genting.oh~ super nice. combination of dark chocolate with rockmelon favour. damn it was delicious.

my group was the last to present. so i have to endure all the criticism and comments given. *butterflies from the beginning till the end* from the 3 groups before me,i know i have to come out with a prototype of our project. since the diva keep on asking about the project's model/prototype. we did not see this coming.  so i crack my head to find something suitable to make our prototype. thank god, there's dictionary. phewwhhh~ alhamdulillah. hence we used the dictionary, just to illustrate the size and look of our project. this is one of the advantages to be the last group to present. heh heh heh~

public gratitude to my teammates! AWESOME teammates. ahaha. tak awesome pun,saje nak exaggerate and create excitement. LOL. no offence. ahmad helmi, khadijah, fitri, syamim, john and ismadi. u all did great! fitri is having a problem with the word 'segregate'. it was my idea to put the bloody word since it is ms. eliza's favourite word in class. n due to the friggin word, fitri has to ketuk ketampi 2 times because he cant explain the definition. gomenasai fitri. he knows what it means(i'v told  u), but he's having problem explain it in english. i'll buy u all something during weekends ok, perhaps chocolates? again? XD

i just received a message. and  im so happy to know that i was totally wrong before this. play pacman if u'r bored :D  ok.this is frustrating. i cant even achieve level one. wth! btw. i think u should know this; i miss u. i really do. and i have tonnes of story to tell u!