Thursday, May 27, 2010


i had spaghetti for brunch. it was spicy. totally spicy. i took one full plate and my friends was like 'banyaknye Erika'. :))) im soo going to ask my mum to cook her bolognese' spaghetti and ask dad to do steamboat. ahaaa~ im sooo demanding. gosh. every time im home, i want my meal to be special because i dont get special meal here. lalala~~

Allie or che che Amy,if u'r reading this,please pass this message to daddy will ya~ *wink*

i have project class in the evening. during this class,we've project/electronic circuit to be done. so its totally more to practical than theory. dealing with solder/circuit board/transformer/multimeter etc etc. we have 12 tasks all together,or in other word, 12 electronics circuits to be created. so today we did task 10. the measurements for the task was bloody easy. however HOWEVER the circuit was soooo complicated. it doesnt look complicated but it was darn hard or maybe i wasnt totally focus when im soldering the components.watever. it was frustating since i blown 2 resistors. LOL. it was all due to the freaking transistor which i wrongly labelled the legs(base,emitter,collector) shesssshhhhhh~

i spend like 3hours on the circuit. well me and Mufidah. most of the time we didnt sit because we were dying to get the right value. so now,my legs are tired. i even skipped my Asar prayer so that i can get done with the circuit. huishhhhh~

the one with the red circle is the bloody transistor while the blue rectangle is the resistor. the upper right corner is a variable resistor(10k ohm). cool huh. ahaha. whereas the black cylinder with silver top, the one that look like a water tank, is a capacitor. i guess i dont need to explain each components. enough of my nerdy thoughts.

i have english presentation tomorrow. shite. i hope my group is going to do just fine. *crossing fingers* ahhh~ i cant wait for the break so that i will have time to read some novels. its been ages since i read one. hmph. the last novel i read was 'lovely bones by alice sebold' *sigh*

had a lil chat with a senior of mine,zam, in ym. its been a while since i ever chat in total english words. u'v been improving. interesting. *applause* u'r great. we should do it more. help each other in improving our english. ahaaa~ he's soo tension on his Final Year Project, i think its about the presentation.hurmm.watever. GOOD LUCK seniors in GMI for their FYP.

..confession...i'v changed my perspective towards u. we just cant 'work' together anymore. i dont know what annoys me so much about u, it feels like i just like being bad to u. hmph. what happen? i dont knw. maybe i need a more positive people around me. or im just a negative person. i hate this feeling. oh god. i need my miss Priscie for a psychology lesson.
n i'v received my loan. weee! should i spend?? aha! i guess u got to keep on track to know if i've been spending or not. thats all for today folks.