Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brag for Good

in the morning, while i was waiting for the clock to strike at 8.30am, i knew its going to rain. so i quickly put on my uniform,socks n shoes. took my hand phones, my bag and rush to the elevator. it was 8.15am. dammn it was still early to be in the class which starts at 8.45am. it was all because of the maybe-its-going-to-rain thoughts since i have to walk to go to class. but it was drizzling when im about to reach KT5. i thought im going to be the early one, but there are 'ones' who are earlier than me *sigh* ahaha.

i had my lunch and went to my 2pm class on time :))) OH! and the lady in the gal's cafe, gave me a free cupcake! the lady who love to ask how im doin.hows my test etc etc. she knows who is erykah badu. and she asked me to sing like erykah badu. LOL. i only hav one of her songs, and just downloaded it, and havent listen to it. back to the story. well,i was shy to take it because it is free.LOL. she said take ittt~ so i took it. it was great (another great story *smiles widely*) although its too sweet but i love it.

this is an advise. its just whats in my mind right now. if u skipped classes, u are going to implement ur lazyness dear. its just that i care for u,i guess its too much? i dont know. i dont want u to regret what u've done or whatever. so dont skipped class okayy?

then i had my english club meeting at 8.30pm. i forced muhammad to accompany me to AFSA because the place is like at the end of the world~ however, i bumped into Nadia in the elevator and she said Shaz is going to send her to AFSA. and she invited me to come along. then quickly message muhammad about it. surprisingly, muhammad is in the car too. Shaz's car. but then it was totally pack because there's four of us at the back part. and muhammad almost got out of the car and rather walk to the afsa. oh god. i felt sooo bad. but i managed to insist him to get in the car or i wont forgive myself. phewhhh~

its an exciting meeting since our advisor was there. if she's not in the meeting,it wouldnt be happening and so much of laughter. she bragged that she's a good writer. and i'v no doubt about it and i dont know how i know that. ahaa~ talking about bragging. i found that its good to brag sometimes. it'l make us feel good. also, well to me it gives hopes for me. i hope i can be like her;to be good in writing. and she bought chocolates for us from her Europe trips. thats soo sweet of her.

a famous choc from finland. or is it expensive? what ever it is, its a good chocolate. the best part is the stick. u can accidently eat the stick if u didnt realized u ARE eatin the stick. LOL. the stick was soft, n its just sooo addictive to suck the stick n bite itttt.

what did just happen? did i write something wrong.. *thinking* *thinking hard* i dont know. oh. its not my fault. phewhh~

public apology to fefe because i didnt answer ur call. i was in the meeting. prove: the chocolate? hehe. i had a 'severe' stomachache during the meeting, so fefe was like worried about me and askd me to go to the clinic. i just like to exaggerate on something sometimes. its not that bad. hee!

oh one more. i felt sooo sorry for muhammad and aizul. they worked bloody hard for the english club's proposal and the guy who supposed to show up. didnt show up when he promised to show up. *long sigh* aizul was soo sad about it. another one more. i used my herrera's perfume just nowww. oh i miss the smell. <3 reminiscing.