Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All about GREAT!

i had a wonderful lunch today; rice, ayam masak kicap and kacang panjang masak tak tahu. :D it was delicious. ahaaa~

so i have german and maths test. the german test is okaayy.totally ok.did a mistake which made my marks 14/15. the original word is nehmen and we have to change it according to the subject. so the subject is singular,hence the end of the word must have 'T'. i forgot how to spell it properly. firstly i put 'nihmmt'.then miss kinda look through my paper and she said one mistake at no. 6. so i changed my answer to 'nihmt'.
the correct answer is nimmt.. ceyyhhh~ seriously that word is not in the list of words u gave us MISSS~~ huishh~

after german me and my friends went to d KOPERASI to buy some stuff. i bought an ICE CREAM. black forest cornetto i guess. sumthin to do with black and forest. ahaaa! it was great! havin an ice cream under d hot sun. :)

them maths test. at 4pm. we have an hour to study before d test. Group A is havin the test before us,so their paper will b d same as us. sooo some of them took pictures for evry questions. when they are done, they bluetooth d questions to us. and TADAAAA~ we have the questions.LOL. it was easy. NOT bcoz d questions is leaked, frankly speaking. it is easy. :)

on the way back to my room. stop by again to d koperasi to buy bread. at first i took gardenia's wholemeal bread,but i know d bread is a bit hard. lucky i saw another type,which is mighty white brand. i wonder who in the world know mighty white bread..LOL. so i bought that. it turn out to be great. its soft. d edge is not hard at all. i love it. aha!

i really really interested in buyin this..soooo kawaiiii~ too bad i hav to save my money for my driving license. sheeshhh~ i hope i managed to get a nike hi dunk at the end of this year. YEAH! its a challenge for myself.aha!