Monday, May 24, 2010

Spill the Beans..

my weekend was awesome.ahaaa.well eventhough i cant find sumone to accompany me eatin in Yoshinoya. but i went to midvaley yesterday,there's no yoshinoyaaa?? aikk. let me google it.. awwwww~ it has been closed. all three restaurant; in one utama,KLCC n midvaley. no wonder i didnt managed to find d restaurant. wat a pityyy..i havent tried it u pricks who closed yoshinoya. huishhhh! i wonder why all three were closed.


so end up eatin in Nando's. oh! i didnt tell who i went with. its hafifi. fefe is not a cool name.LOL. i didnt want to eat in Nando's actually but thats d restaurant in front of us when we r done searchin for yoshinoya. *ssigh*
aha! he ordered peri chicken MILD yet it was spicy. i cant imagine how the super hot will be. ahaha. i was so scared he wont be able to eat d chicken at all.well to me he's havin problem with the spicyness of the chicken. but he said it was nice eventhough its darn spicy. LOL. then we watched Letters to Juliet. it was a romantic movie. but hilarious too. sophie's fiance is all about tasting. it was sooo funny. u have to watch it.

n oh,he just won the third prize for malaysia's open in squash. thats great right? aha *applause* the tournament was in d morning, we meet in midvaley in d evening. malaysian conquered the 1st prize till d 4th if not mistaken.

my english group was supposed to present today,but our TTO is admitted to d hospital therefore we have to reschedule the presentation. i tell u. the groups that will present today are soo excited to present but she cant make it. it was like....*sigh* i dont know what else to say. she is goin to Umrah next monday. *sigh* i think too much stress caused her to get admitted. pity her. *sigh* so this is an advise. ahaa. be well organized so ur life wont be so complicated.

i hav german n maths test tomorrow. i'v been a very lazy girl. i didnt do many exercises. i dont know why. i did do a few exercises but usually i do many exercises. what happen to me? i have to pray to God. always turn to god when its about ourselves. not satisfied with urself? then turn to God. and seek for a path that can solve the problem.