Friday, May 21, 2010

keep it all,and let it all out in a Go

i told him that i dont like him to be mean to me. gahhhhhh~ i wantd to tell him this so long ago but i didnt. i wonder why i didnt.

planning to get out of my box this weekend; yoshinoya. my sis said i have to try it. SADLY, there's only a few of my friends that likes japanese food *sighhhh* this is the time that i wish my sis havent finish her studies in Nilai. Eija: cross out. Mufidah: cross out. Fatihah: no money but she wants to try it! but nayhh she's in shah alam this weekend. Faeza: i havent askd her. roomates; rachel: cross out.

i guess i have no one and due to that my plan is cancelled :( i had Bihun Soup for today's dinner. it was delicioussss~ i love it. typical malay bihun soup.ahaaa. i thought i just want to have oats for dinner,but im scared i might get hungry during midnight.

i had my Digital test this morning. it was great. i hope i can get an A for this subject. *wink* well i got to start reading my english notes. i wonder what type of questions will come out in d paper. as for EET,the main 4 credit hour subject. i hope i will do well. i didnt do my best in previous tests.

latest hits; what you waiting for by Mizz Nina feat. Colby