Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stress Days

last few days were stress days for me. im sooo bloody-helld up doing the proposal. i hope im doing the right thing. i didnt even have enough time to study other subject due to the bloody tough proposal. huiiishhh~
*stomach grumblin*
my dinnar yesterday was at 7, it was fried kuey teow, malay style. it was good. kinda like hailam style but watever it is,it was goooood. no wonder im hungry now. i have to keep my vow which is only to take a meal of rice a day :))) im getting big. i mean not lying.

i have to start doing the slides for the proposal. damn. final is on the second week of june. its just around the corner! i have to start considering other subject rather than just considered one subject which is ENGLISH. next semester will be worst. LOL. the 4 credit hour is AGAMA. im soooo doommmmm.

oh,me and my friends were supposed to have barbecue last night but its a last minute plan. hence we planned to do it next thursday night. im planning to do the potatoes and the marinated sauce for the chicken. heeeee! ohh i got to askd daddy to do barbecue when im back in ipoh :))))

i watched GLEE last it! i'v downloaded a part of a episode this morning but failed to download the another part due to my broadbd LINE.. huishhhhh~ i have to ask Faiq for more Glee episodes. OH i cant wait for my external hardisk to chuck in all the dramas needed. back to GLEE. i loveeee kurt. maybe because he's a dramatic guy. dramatic guys are interesting when they act. LOL. and correction for previous post. he is the MARC JACOB's guy.
not michael kors'..ahahah.mixed up with MK because that time i was looking for MK's watches. and he's GAY! ahahah. well i know that for the very first time i saw him in glee.

i was suppose to go shooting this morning but i refused to go since i have to do the slides. again i missed a great opportunity to release my stress. haha. i need a new heels. godddd. when will my account will be stable enough for me to spend. darn it.

ciao~ slides slides slides are popping out of my head.

Jo, me EIJA and NANA! btw that's nana baju im wearing. thanks nana! *wink*
retro queen of the night. the one with the red heelsn blonde wig. :))))))) i wonder how much she spends for her outift la,hair la n make-up la. but i guess its worth it since she won.