Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dance Dance

i'v been procrastinating to update my blog. so i'll write wat i remmber happened last few days. i went back to ipoh last weekend with full of eagerness to do my driving license. nevertheless, its was 'Hari Pekerja' or labour day if not mistaken in english. my dad bought me an external hard disk. WEEEE!!! i cant wait to put all my GG season 1,2 and 3,and also GLEE, and my BLEACH! oh god,i have to ask Faisal to update me with the latest Bleach episodessss. i started to love GLEE. i like the guy with the michael kors jacket. even though he's kinda like..armm..u knw.ahaaa. he's like Sharpay's brother in HSM. i cant recall his name. i love his style. skinny bottom guy. :))))

there's a dinner for all the girls in my institute and the theme is retro night. i didnt wear any retro style outfits, because i told myself not to be there since i have proposal to be done. so i wasnt prepared for the dinner. will upload some picas later.

oh!! i have a new seduction's tool. LOL. nayhhh~ its mania. MANIA. mania.
i love the smell~ i dont really love the smell at the beginning...but im lovin it now. :))) im so sleepy. i didnt have enough sleep for two days. TWO BLOODY DAYS! XD as my semester increases, my sleeping time decreases. so its inversely proportional. :))))) its not suppose to be like that. sleeping time should be fixed,at least 7hours(mine sleeping time).

off to bed.