Monday, April 26, 2010

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ahaaaa im soooo sorry.i was totally sleepy last night so i didnt tell the whole story that happen yesterday. gomenasai :) i wrote about salmon but the heels...when missing from my thoughts last night. ahaaa. yesterday was a heels day coz im wearing heels for the day. LOL just as simple as that.

ouuuu i didnt tell u my dinner yesterday. it was at sushi king. i orderd my udonnn. :))) the taste is typical like a chinese soup. nevertheless, i love it. even though the smell of the mushroom is so strong. oh god,i cant imagine how flare can eat sooo much of food yesterday. my order is set type,have two side plate; fried aubergine,kacang panjang,shrimp and seaweed. the other one is two piece of sushi,the one with it egg? idk.LOL. its sweet but i dont know what was it. ahaaa. flare ate alot of salmon sushi which makes me want to puke evrytime i see the salmon flesh which is ORANGE in color. im sick of salmonnn~ ahaaaa.. too much of salmon the day before i guess. and flare orderd a fish set. n he got YAKULT in his set!!! ahaaaa. i used to drink yakult with my younger sista,adriene. :))

todayyy..i woke up late,suppose to rise at 7.15 but i woke up at 7.40. thankgod im not late for morning class. Syamim's dad organized a study trip to Germany, he said either this year or next year( i think end of this year ) the problem im not interested are; no money, i want to spend my holiday with my family!~~ :)))))) so i can wait for germany till i finish my diploma. heh heh. who knows i might be doing my degree there. insyaAllah~ but im scared to go thereeee~...
*change topic*

big bang will held a concert in M'sia?? when? where? hee~ well,this saturday is pitbull's concert in genting. i dont know how that type of singer can be allowd to make a concert here in M'sia with his 'terrible' songs. ahaaa..

mothers day is on the 15th of may isnt it? hmmm..i should be planning by now. :))) any suggestions just write in the chatbox. i gtg. i need to do some exercises on my EET. ciao~