Sunday, April 25, 2010

Salmon n Heels Day

i celebrated my Ah Ma's birthday in damansara last night. we had barbecue,there was lamb,chicken and a whole fish of salmon.wait theres more,there's kartoffel salad.ahaaa. potatoes salad,and ginger bread and SALAD! oh gosh! i loveeee Aunty V's salad. ok,here's the recipe.very simple. well salad dressing is soo simple to make. mixed some honey,mustard seeds,salt and balsamic vinegar. fuhhhh~ heavennn~ u got to try it.its soooo nice. and the salmon is hugeee~ but it was great. however, im sick of salmon * green faces* too much of salmon i guess.aaahhaaa.even breakfast today i had salmon *sick* and AND piza.a normal piza which has tomato sauce,bell peppers,fresh olive and lotsa mozarella cheese. waittt~ that was for lunch! :DD for breakfast was bread and peanut butter and honeyyyy~ and also roti jala with chicken currryyy. yum yum~

then after breakfast,Aunty V gave us to make a 1000 pieces of puzzle and we almost finish it! damnnn~ if we had one more night only,we will be able to finish it.sheeeshhhhh. it was a very very tough puzzle.

my previous tto invited me to her wedding day. damnn..i was in ipoh that time. too bad Miss. and oh! i sushi king for dinner. goddd..i orderd an udon set.when i almost finish, my stomach is full already.lucky i managed to force myself to finish my meal. phewhh~

im so sleeepppy