Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy busy busy

oh! i know my german test 2 marks. it was 18.5 over 20. WRRRAAAAGHHH! why must my test 2 will not be full marks. previous semester also like thissss. urghh. my test 1 was full marks. shhheesshhh. *pissed* and the bloody mistakes i'd done is i spelled viertel nach drei, which is 3.15am. the 'v' was suppose to be CAPITAL letter!!! that one gone 0.5 marks. one more mistake is the part where i have to rearrange words. first word should be subject/time, verb, time/subject, erganzung( armm..wat is this arr.. hah,i think its additional information) what i did was 'subject' 'verb' jeden morgen um 3 Uhr. i forgot my subject n verb. what's my mistake here is the POSITION, the time( um 3 Uhr ) should come first before the every morning ( jeden morgen ) .. *longggg sighhh*

every thursday and friday i have evening class which was suppose to end at 6 but BUT its a must to go home at 7. darn it. why do i hate to dismiss late are; my dinner time will be delayed, im going to do my maghrib prayer late, i had my bath late, everything will be late! *sigh*

i have electronics(EET) test this friday. i did my exercises on EET,and there's two part my Sir didnt teach us!! goshhh! its a bad luck to have him as our eet Sir,but nayhh..he's kind. ahaaaa. lucky i did my revision early,if not i wont be able to catch up.

my family are going to have BBQ this friday night. bullshit. i have test on friday at 3pm. shiteeeeeee.
*super dooper angsty*
why do they have to do it on friday??? WHYYYY???

my friend said there will be a sale on hand phones on May. i hope i can refrain myself from going out on May. ahaaaa. still,which do u prefer berry berry blackberry or pinky pinky sony E? :)))))))

hah,this is for the devil. i like you. so take THE chance before other ppl take it.well,if u want the chance la. if dont want, then i can 'oh, no wonder' ahaaa.

oh,i need to send Faiq a copy of the spotted questions for EET.sigh. u owe me GG3 faiqqq~~ i cant wait to track back gossip girls.