Friday, April 16, 2010

Medina- You and I

latest song that i love. ween put it in her FB status. she said she likes the song. so i downloadd it. it was awesome! :))) im listening to bieber-one time,it distracts me from writing my blog properly..

todayyyy,i was suppose to do something important but i didnt do it because i was watching How To Train Your Dragon in my lappy. sheeeshhh~ :))) the movie is funny,touching a lil bit. overall is ok. i really really like the dragon because he acts like a dog.kawaiiii~ and the guy name is hiccups?? its hiccups right? there's no subtitle.

its Linda birthday today. Happy Birthday Darling!!! *im semi sweating* sooo hot.

as for lunch,usual meal. economy rice with chicken and vege. my dinner; yee mee and iced lemon tea.i cooked myself the yee mee. this time i got my egg from Mufidah darling.ahaaa.thanks. previously from Faeza. there was a fireworks nearby just now. i get the best view from my room
im scared for my roomate. she accidentally involve in an organization from ukm's student. she called it usra. two person will come to our room and teach religious stuff. she and Nana has sent a msg to the leader,they said they dont want it anymore. but they came just now,and give Jo a cake.. weirddd. and she askd when is our next usra?? aikkkk... malas want to think about this.i shall wait and see what happen and update it here. drama must be publish here right.. :))))))

ohhh im so FULL. my friend just gave me a piece of kfc chicken. she bought the wrong meal(dinner plate). uh! im planning to buy a new quilt.heh heh heh. mine now is super huge,so i must start saving a lil bit so i can buy a smaller quilt and a new quilt cover. the one in Ikea is soooo NICE!! thats why i askd eija to go Ikea with me and she said why go so far to buy a quilt?? O_o  i want to JALAN JALAN.hee! oh maybe i just go to Friven store in midvalley. hmphh. im bored of midvalley.

received an email bout my victoria's secret bag. i should have take it at the admin today but i didnt. i cant wait to see it.dammnnn! i should have taken it in the morning. *regret*