Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Day

im not sleepy in class only that its frigging cool in the class.no wonder the air-con bill in gmi is rm235000. only air-con.dahsyattt~ this info was told by my german TTO.
i ate nasi lemak in the morning,wanted to eat something else but there was nothing that interest me. so nasi lemak for breakfast. it was nicht so gut. the sambal is spicy and RED in color. faeza said it was nice,thats why i bought it.sheeshhh~

went to digital class,the class next to ours is having the same subject (digital) and guess how many of them are present??? bloodyy 4 man! FOUR people ONLY in a class. terrible man~  thank god im in group B,that is group C class. phewhhh~ i think im soooo grateful to be in group B..

our group were suppose to have German test today but it has been postponed to next week i guess. and alsooo we were suppose to have EET test on this friday,same thing happen. postponed to next week. yay! so i still have more time to ask my Sir regarding some questions that made me crack my head so harddd but still cant understands it. darn it.

oh! after my maths class,we were dismissed at 5,supposedly at 6,well its Sir Goh's class.ahaaaa. bump into ms. diva :)))) she said she read the part where i wrote about a cute guy,in my blog.well it was just a cute guy that exist in my life. no crush feelings or anything.ahahah. because the way he speaks he still have the kelantanese slang.so he's not really..armm.. doesnt fond me laa..ahaaaa..
people may get offended reading ur blog *ms diva advise*
oh talking bout guys,i've heard a gossip about a girl who sooo into a guy..adoiiii~ i feel like telling her in her face that he doesnt like u but that will be super dooper bitch i am..because the guy is like playing with her,and she take it seriously.shessshhh~ a rumor said he has a girlfriend.i dont know about that.

allie wanted to back me up when i was fighting with the i-wont-say-it guy, u were late for the drama darling!! where were u when i was standing alone fighting for my life? i was slashed and torn during the bloody fight. aahaaa.. well it was a fight in facebook,it was over last night, but allie back me up todayy.. nevermind. next time i'll sms u,when i need u. ahaaa

i wanted to go back this weekend but i have a stack of assignment to be done. pity me~ :( well,there's sooo many things to do. i think Ms Eliza is not that organized,but i like her.she's kind and very caring. i love her phoneeeeee.. its pink. Amy Cheche! i think i dont want berry berry (blackberry),i wanted pinky pinky sony ericsson. ahaaaaa.. and its cheaper than berry2. *sigh* later la,my phone is still in good condition,too bad. hmphhhhh~