Sunday, April 11, 2010


went to Genting yesterday,and came out with sunburned skins.damnnn~ i love my its tanned.

 it was fun.well it has to be fun.daa~ i tried the corkscrew roller coaster. i keep on saying to Eija,dont worry.its not that scary. later on,when we are on it. im the one who get scared. i screamed the loudest i guess.ahaaaa. then we tried the spiderman. seriously at first i regretted for trying it in the beginning when the 'thing' closing our bodyyy~ *super scary* i keep on 'eijaaaaaa... eijaaaaaa... eijaaaaaa' in my head was like what am i doing here??!! too bad there's not turning back. i really want to turn back,to rewind,but i cant. im no god. :) so i have to endure it. i scream all the way..well only at the peak, adrenaline part. i didnt close my eyes. but BUT it was awesomeeee~

on the way and Eija arrived early at the skyway(down part),so we went to a restaurant to eat.we ordered wat tan arrived at 7.we were eating really fast since our bus is at i ate the fastest,well it is in my bloody blood. ahaaaa :D but i shared with fatihah and eija shared with faeza. while we were eating this 'i-wont-say-it' guy called fatihah n said he's on the bus,hurry up. so we were like running to the platform,took the lift. and when arrived at the platform,we didt realized the guys are at the end,and all of us in the panic mode. so we didnt think properly, we asked the lady at the counter where is our bus,the lady pointed on her left.but there's no bus. we turned around and hell ya! we look like LUNATIC peeps!
total lunatic
then there's a gentleman come to us and say something.i didnt listen because still in my panic mode.he was pointing at the bench,the bus havent was sooo..not embarrassing..hurmm..tension/angsty,to find out we were being fooled by the 'i-wont-say-it' guy. seriously u just push my button at that time. i did cross u out before but this has made the cross out bigger. so i was like go to the 'i-wont-say-it' guy, and pissed off like hell. i said 'u nak i tumbuk u sekarang ke?' seriously i feel like punching his face. i repeat the question quite a number of times. because i really really wanted to punch him,since im sooo angry. but i didnt. DAMN i should have punch him since we were not in the school compound. sheesssshhhh~ this.i regretted it.

in the middle of the night,my leg was in a severe condition. too much walking n forcing my muscles to work fast. darn it. it was horrible.lucky i have nana's oil with me. so i rub some oil,and get back to sleep. and in the morning, WOALAHH my legs were fine. alhamdullilah~

then today i post something in my fb wall bout the crossing out stuff. then 'i-wont-say-it' guy commented. darn it. ur name just unpleasant to be seen in my wall. sheeshhhh~ he keep on saying 'menyusahkan org je' well
1st: if im late i wont susahkan u,i will susahkan myself
2nd: u are 'i-wont-say-it'

he said he called fatihah not me.HELLOWW are u 'i-wont-say-it'? u were sending the message to all of us. daaaa~ 'i-wont-say-it'! this guy is soooo not good and perasannn gilerrr. there's this time when he said to Eija that Eija was jealous of him because he was with Fatihah chit chat blablabla. oh for GOD SAKE, ur face? YOU? AHAHAHAHHAHAHA u make me wanna puke my heart tooo. i rather choose Amir Sabrizal than u. LOL.

how do u react if u come across the same situation? tell me. im having my cycle today,so that add the 'spices' for today's drama. the cycle today,damn it was so painful. my back pain the most.i felt like killing myself for the agony. againnn thank god i have nana's massaging oil with me. oh! and thank u Linda's aloe vera gel for saving my pitiful cells.there are in pain. 

 why is it not in the center? watever. gtg. im hungryy~