Friday, April 9, 2010


i woke up before 9. straight away brush my teeth and moi face. then i read through electronics notes. i have test2 EET next friday. and GERMAN test next tuesday. im lil bit confused on JFET calculations on EET.damn.i should have gone to ms Erlina extra class today.shite.

i finish the whole rice in the polystyrene during lunch. GOSH. it was alot. i swear to god it wasn't me that time.hee! at 3 i started reading german on MY BED. after 10 MINUTES, my head started to loose its muscles. LOL. dropped around 3 times, the fourth time i just laid my head on my bed. i cant stand to close my eyes. after a while, Jo arrived with my pad. i asked her to buy me pad since i dont have any. then again i tried to revise back my german notes. but it doesnt last long.

i havent received my broadband bill. when will they post it to us?? i need to know how much is my first month bill. sheeeshh~

i ate penang rojak for dinner. it was super sweet. u want me to have diabetes is it?? i wanted to eat bakso but the bihun is out of stock. darn it. so i end up with rojak penang. :(

im going to genting tomorow. im not excited about it. i wonder why. nayhhh~ thats just allll~