Monday, April 5, 2010

Yee Mee for Dinner

woke up at my prayer.YAY! its been a very VERY long time i did my subuh prayer.i was supposed to have digital class this morning,but it has been canceled last minute.grrrrrr. the TTO called me(i have no idea where she get my number) she said she's on leave.DAMNNN.i just shower.soo i send smses to Amarul, Abg Yusuf, Ija, Mufidah. and i dont know why i am so pissed when someone asking to confirm it again. gosh. why u  need a confirmation of a canceled class?? i should have wrote 'digital class has been cancel.confirmation smses will not be entertain'
maybe im not in a good mood. well,blame me if its not true. no need to ask me AGAIN 'is it trueee?' 'so morning class cancel' isk isk. its really annoyed me.

so i ate mango in the morning :)) the one that my mum gave me.LOVE it.its a bit sour,but nayhh.i love sour stuff. i thought im going to regret if i bring the mango here. a very simple lunch today; economy rice with chicken. the vegetables today doesnt attract me at all. i planned to not come to Sir Goh(maths) class.i feel so bloody tired in the afternoon.i dont know why.wait i think i know why.maybe its because of the shooting yesterday.

so i managed to force myself to drag my bloody lazy leg to class.i late around 5mins.phewhh~ i didnt take my check for this month.i havent CHANGE my quilt cover.*sigh* when i arrived yesterday(at 9pm) i was so darn tired to change my bloody HUGE quilt.i should have exchange it with my parent's.i think my parent's quilt is smaller than mine.hmph.

my dinner,as the title shown.
sorry u have to rotate ur head to see this pic.hehe.thats my yee so full. next mission is to cook mee sua. the white one. i dont know how to spell it. i love noodles. not like Flare,all he could think of is MEAT MEAT MEAT.

munchkin my cat is delivering KITTENS right so bloody sad for not being there to be with her. to decrease her burden while delivering. *super sad* i hope u'r okay munchkin. i love u the most. be strong. cheche amy said one has come was black :D i cant wait to see.
that munchkin after the birth of Suki and Jirou. awwwww... how i wish im home right now. later.wanna do my prayer. ciao~

Eenie Meanie Justin Bieber

title; latest song in my mind. thanks to Allie who downloadd it. oooo,whats my stories for the last 4days?
Thursday,1st April
not much i can remmber but what i remmber is i didnt even prank a person. its april fool, i think i didnt even notice it was an april fool day until one person prank me AFTER 1st of april(which i dun remmber the date).
it was Flare
The Devil Forever and Ever
went to Aberdeen for dinner. i managed to indulge my super dooper fav. cuisine :D UDON. i love udon so much. me,cheche amy and allie ate the same thing. adriene ate lamb chop,mummy ate her penang laksa and daddy ate pineapple fried rice. when the waiter served the dessert for adriene, the way the fella served was kinda rude. 

Friday,2nd April
breakfast was sausages,eggs and a new recipe in the internet. searchd by my dad. it was fried wedges.the flour to cover the potatoes are mixed with some curry powder. it was goooddd. so easy to make. dady planned to cookd steak for dinner but BUT the rice that mum cookd that day is a lot.soooo plan cancelld.
..what else happen...cant

Saturday,3rd April
steak for lunch. weee!! ahaaa. i love my dad's steak. its sooo thick,slrrrppp.. *drool* i like my steak to b done medium cookd. the best part is my mum marinated the steak overnight. that made the best in house steak so far..
look at the thickness and fats. ahaaa. next mission,i want my dad to cook lamb chop..oh,maybe not. maybe lobster. that will be my mom's specialties.hehe.

as for today,maybe MAYBE im goin to post a new one tonight.