Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Soup scared to write.only one person knows why.i hope she(opss that a clue) will not read my blog anymore.. :)))

two embarrassing moment happen today.goshh~ first,it was at the evening. im not spitting out any information.

secondly.. *thinking*
im not going to spit it out also. :)))))

oh! in the old chinese guy sat beside me,well not so old la.he talkd non-stop for the first 30mins. its all about chinese people and lots of stuff about 'who inventd this and that'. i dont mind listen to all his crap but im worried about the others who sit nearby might get annoyd. because he speaks quite louddd~ but what im very VERY sure of is that he's very VERY proud to be a chinese. :))))) he told me who invented fibre optic, gun powder etc etc. eventhough he look old but his memories are not bad. told me histories that he learnd back then when he was in hig school. he told me bout communism which i dont really listen coz i had headache at that time. well not because of him,i dont know why..

*some one is waiting for something from mehh * XD