Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mid Term Exam

i would like to thank to those that lend me their luck yesterday.ahaaa~ i can answer most of the questions.insyaAllah i will get an A for programming. :)))) but BUT i lost 9 bloody marks for the unidentified flowchart.well 6marks for the flowchart, and 3more marks on a question bout the flowchart.damnnnnn~ i didnt read that page.the page before it and after it,i do read but the THE page..sheeessshhhhhh~ ohhhhhhhhhhh! i almost cheatd in the exam. but BUT too bad i cant see the person's paper who sits beside me. i tried to copy his answer for the bloody flowchart laaa~

tomorrow will be maths paper and will be the DAY im going home..WEE!! cant wait to be home so that i can go shooting. i LOVE my dad for rearranging the shooting plan so that we can shot together.

the above pic is the exact styer that i'd tried. ahhhhhh~ cant wait to be home!

my next month wish list is getting a new smell.LOL. but the best parfum for me will be carolina herrera. i said to someone that if a guy wears 212 ch,i can fall for him even if he's not handsome.ahahahaha. i wanted to try giorgio mania. hmmmm.. im going to get one. just wait and smelllll~ :))))))))

oh! chester calld me at around noon. O-o  its been a long time we didnt contact each other. he playd me a song..cover of tik tok by Kesha. he's gettin good at playin the guitar. this is the first guy that ever serenades me in PUBLIC. that will be in times square. he sang/sung my fav. song at that time which is Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Ur guardian Angel.. wait actually more than one songs. ahaaaaa~ and the cover that he did(tik tok),i was the first one to listen to it. *smiles widely* thankyous chester.i prefer Chester rather than Randolph.

i just realized Three Days Grace's songs are actually quite nice. what are the latest songs nowadays??? its been ages since i listen to FLY.FM.