Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trip to KLPAC

kuala lumpur performin arts centre. we went there to watch MACBETH..n we thought its goin to b a theater kind of thing but its NOT. its a film. we watchd it in a room,projector is playin the film. i use movie la senang. so the movie is.....HORRIBLE goshhhhhhh. firstly its not a theater.secondly it a bloodyyyy terrible movie. there showd naked girls..boobs and asses are evrywhere.n i have test tomorow.sheeeshhhh~

back to the story. apparently its the modern version of macbeth.LOL.Macbeth is like a rockstar in there(sam worthington..duno how to spell his name.the one in avatar) wearing shining clothes.ahaha. then the most disturbing scene is the SEX scene.SERIOUS SHITE!!! i completely take my mind to sumwhere outside the room coz when the film was over Nadia said she saw everything n she heard the aahhhh uhhhh sounds.. WTH! i didnt hear that..serious..i dun remmber hearing that shows that i completely bring my mind outside the room. its TOTALLY disturbing. it makes me uncomfortable. i didnt watch that scene.

actually i dont understd wat the story is all about.all i know is there's lotsa drugs,boobs,ass,blood! i have test tomorow but im watching a bloooody helld film.. OH i think ms safrina didnt expect the film to b like that.AHAHA im sure she felt soo uneasy to bring us to watch the film.AHAHA. she was soo cool.when there's a kissing scene she will kepoh2 n clode the guys eyes.the way she do it is sooo funny.

on the way back,we stoppd at kfc. rashidi didnt have enuff money so i was like 'use my money first laa,i dun mind' yalaaa takkan wanna let him see us eating. at first he was shy but...nayhhh... ahaaa..
the hilarious part. Mad,which is our english club president. rashidi said he fainted.LOL.i think he almost fainted coz i TOLD u(previous post) he a nice person.very clean one.AHAHA.. he never seee such thing in his life n suddenly he saw boobs n ass..AHAHAH.. he watchd the first 10mins n he left the room but didnt came in.he just wait downstairs till the film was over.. he look terrible. like he saw a ghost. he was sooo pale. ahahaha.. n in d bus ms safrina was like scared n sit bside me n askd me 'did u stay near muhammad's place'
me?im a girl.i will b in d gals hostel.Mad is in d guys hostel.i tink she dont know wat to say. i tink shes scared at the same time. then she realized she askd stupid question n said 'after all he's gonna b in germany.porno graphics are evrywhere in germany then she left the sit..ahahahaha

i shall study my programmin now. i dun even know wat time it is.shite. i askd Mufidah,she wasnt sure bout it also.ahaaaaaa... wish me luck..

Turnin Darker

GMi open day is todayyy.due to the day of the Open(reminds me of mad),i hav to sacrifice most of my time burning my cells..goshhh. its was extremely hot.

in d morn,while i was still sleepin my hp rings.mad sent me a msg sayin i shud sms ms safrina to tell her im goin to b d MC for the eyes open widely right after readin it.WTH. Farhan didnt tell Mad, he's gonna b d i smsd Mad back that farhan is d mc.n Mad was like WTF


i dont know u can say WTF.LOL.bcoz Mad is like a very nice guy.he doesnt look like a person who used such words. he wat the fucking me. thats COOL. LMAO. so back to the story, so i quickly calls Farhan..GRRRRRRR i calld him many times.lucky i sent Shaz a msg,askd him to wake farhan up. when he's awake ' he said wat for send ms saf msg ' he sounds like he doesnt want to b d MC.i was like wth la. u told me yesterday u wantd to b d mc.n he realizd he wasnt suppose to joke at that time. so he sent a msg to ms.safrina.phewhhhh~

then Mad calld me to go at the hall.helpd him photostat some papers.went to ms safrina's office to wrap up some pressies. thankgod i didnt see SCARY gmi students today. oh! i won two hamper,one is for the scrabble competition n one for the puzzle competition.

scrabble: i playd wif kak lin,kak cah and dis gurl frm semester 1.SERIOUSLY she doesnt know how to play.i helpd her n i REGRETd that coz she won the first prize. BLOODY HELLLLLLLLL she was like keep on showin me her tiles/words,so i helpd laaaa.. n the puzzle game,i finish the puzzle for 6mins..before i playd the record was 12mins.

i ate chic rice n beef kebab for lunch.i cant see anythin beef.LOL.surely buy.oh when i orderd my beef kebab,the person doesnt hear my order n SWEET amarul was like tap the fella shoulder n say 'beef kebab 1' AHAAAAA! THANKS MARUL SWEETNESS. marul with his friends, Amir n Acap. when i was walkin bside Amir,i smelld his perfume. i was like walk backwards n said " 212 " n he was smiling and nod AHAHAH n Acap was like "macam mana u taw " i said " im a BIG FAN of carolina herrera "

...which reminds me of sumone..

back to the story again...sheessshhh...that is amir.the fair fella.quite cute ryte.ahahahaha long i didnt upload picture. i gtg. im goin to KLPAC(kuala lumpur performing arts centre) tomorrow to watch....armmmm... Macbeth i guess. idk. i dun remmbr. cant wait. i hav final test for my programming this monday..shite. pray for me yaaa~ :D